Janine Caamano, MSW, LCSW, RPT, CATP, ADHD-CCSP, CCATP-CA Claimed

Less conflict, more love and connection with your child

There are days that you want to get away from your child and it kills you to feel this way. You sometimes think of the life you had prior to having children. You were less exhausted then. You didn’t think parenting would be this hard. Your child is having constant meltdowns and becomes upset over the littlest things. This happens almost daily. You have tried everything and they never seem to be happy no matter what you do. You feel like you have failed as a parent. You are worried that this is your life now and nothing is going to change. You feel helpless.


All you want is for your child to be happy. You want them to be able to express their feelings in healthy ways that don’t lead into an argument or meltdown. You want them to show you the respect that you deserve. You want to connect as a family again.


I have helped children just like yours learn to manage big emotions, regulate their own behavior, and voice their needs in calm, respectful ways. I use play therapy techniques in my fun, engaging office which helps children feel safe and express themselves in their preferred language: play!


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